Pets & Responsibility


Tomorrow, Tesla is leaving to go live with a friend of mine. This is not how I want things to happen, but unfortunately seems to be the way it has to be. My travel schedule for work, mom’s travel schedule for work, it all adds up to no one able to be at home to take care of the dog, and I don’t feel that putting him in kennels all the time is particularly fair to him. He needs to be able to be out and able to run and play and have human interaction. So I decided last night that I needed to find him a new home. Then I cried.

I’m definitely a firm believer that, when you get a pet, you are accepting responsibility for another life. That means you don’t get to dump them off somewhere when they stop being cute and get old. Tesla isn’t old, of course, he’s only 2, and he’s still beautiful, so none of that has anything to do with why I’m doing.

When I initially decided to keep him out of the litter, I was working 2 jobs, I wasn’t going anywhere in my life, and I was home every night. Eventually I quit the second job and spent a semester going back to college, but it is after that semester when everything changed. I started a new job and was told that there would be approximately 50% of my time spent traveling. While that is a slightly annoying amount, during the first 6 months of my employment it was actually nowhere near that, maybe at about 25%. Mom was able to watch Tesla when I was out of town, I enlisted the aid of my niece a couple times, everything was great. Then, this year started.

So far this year, I think I have been on the road about 75% of the time. Mom needs to do some traveling, too. Where does this leave the poor dog? A couple weeks ago, he stayed home by himself for a night, I left really early in the morning to drive to a customer, stayed there one night, and came back the next, and was completely exhausted. Tesla was able to go inside and out, since there is a doggie door, and was confined to just the basement and the yard, but had absolutely no companionship whatsoever. Since I spent so much time working from home last year, he has gotten used to me being around, and when left to his own devices he tends to try to get into trouble. The arrangement is just not working.

So, because of that, after vacillating over it for a very long time, I finally decided that I needed to find him a new home. I don’t want to, but it’s what is best for him. I have a friend who I know loves dogs that is taking him, and I know Tesla’s life will be better because of it.

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