I’ve Been Sitting, Waiting, Wishing…

Maybe not so much on the last, but, you know, song lyrics. What a week, though. Seriously. I mean last week, of course. I hit a major low, had friends who helped bolster my spirits, saw Guardians of the Galaxy twice, got a bit of a chemical burn over the weekend, had a friend give me a much needed kick in the ass about my ability to communicate with people, and had what was a very good talk with the ex-wife about my move. Now, I’m getting stressed. REALLY stressed. Like, you have no idea just how stressed I am.

When I put in my rental application, I accidentally gave the wrong phone number for work. Well, not really the wrong phone number, but not the number they needed to actually verify my employment. No sweat, though, we got that all resolved, but they said that they should have had my application complete yesterday, so no I’m sitting here waiting to hear back from them. That’s fine, no problems there. Not really so stressed about that at all, to be honest. The stress comes entirely from work.

Once I hear back about the application, and everything is approved, then that means my move in date will be on 8/26, a mere 3 weeks away. Fine, all of that can easily be accomplished in 3 weeks, by someone who is actually home and able to get things ready to move. Me? Not so lucky. Work wants me to go to one customer next week, maybe two customers. Then, I’ll be in Chicago the week of the 18th and back in Chicago the first week in September, Labor day, that is. This means that, instead of being home and being able to pack, I’ll be on the road. I guess, in the long run, it really doesn’t matter that much, since I don’t have a whole lot that needs to be packed up. The majority of what I own is still sitting in the same boxes it was packed into 5 and a half years ago. I just need to pack up what’s in my room.

Then there is my car. I really do not like the idea of towing my car behind a U-Haul along the WV turnpike through the mountains. I had talked to my friend Meg about driving down to Richmond, bringing her back to Marietta, then having her take the MINI down to Richmond for me. This is actually cheaper, too, since it would cost less than getting a trailer and the additional gas needed to tow a 3400# automobile. But, she has 3 jobs now. THREE, man, THREE! So, will she still be able to do that? Will she be able to help me load the truck, like she was originally talking about, or just take my car and leave since she has to go back to work on Monday? Will I be able to get people to help me load a truck on Monday so I can drive down and be able to move in, and what about getting people to unload through the week?

I know, I could just wait and do it all over the weekend, but it is way cheaper to rent a truck through the week. I’m sure I’ll get it all figured out, but I really need to get it worked through pretty damn quickly.

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