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The Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum of Littleton, NC

In case you didn’t know, today was Obscura Day. Honestly, I had never heard of it before, but David Plotz, who is one of the hosts of the Political Gabfest from Slate, is the CEO of the company and he talked about it quite often on the podcast, so I felt the need to participate by finding some event to go to. There were a few in DC, one in Staunton, VA, but they all cost money, and I wasn’t honestly very interested in them. Then I saw that there was a celebration for the new Bigfoot statue at the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum in Littleton, NC. Littleton, NC, is a small town in Halifax County with a population of about 670 people. I had to go.

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How I Spent My Morning

I was standing in my kitchen, making coffee with my Aeropress, when I heard a noise. The noise sounded like something plastic bounced off something metal and then landed on the floor. I looked around the kitchen floor, I have a very small kitchen, and was unable to find any random bits of plastic that didn’t belong. On a whim, I decided to look behind the stove as well, since there is a very sizable gap between the stove and the wall. Sitting in the gap was a bottle of Purell hand sanitizer, but nothing else was readily apparent. Forgetting about the sound, since I could find nothing amiss, I went back to making my coffee.

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I’ve Been Sitting, Waiting, Wishing…

Maybe not so much on the last, but, you know, song lyrics. What a week, though. Seriously. I mean last week, of course. I hit a major low, had friends who helped bolster my spirits, saw Guardians of the Galaxy twice, got a bit of a chemical burn over the weekend, had a friend give me a much needed kick in the ass about my ability to communicate with people, and had what was a very good talk with the ex-wife about my move. Now, I’m getting stressed. REALLY stressed. Like, you have no idea just how stressed I am. Continue reading »