The Things We Do

When I start to get into a slightly depressive funk, like I was over the past couple days, I’m ok now (I think), things start to run through my head that I don’t necessarily like so much and then I tend to do things where I just wonder what in the fuck I was thinking. …Continue reading »

What’s In a Name?

Once upon a time, I hated to be called Michael. This wasn’t something born out of childhood and always being called Mike so just being used to it, there was way more to it than that, but I’ll explain why momentarily. Lately, though, I’m finding that I actually prefer to be called Michael, especially by the …Continue reading »

You’re Doing What?

I’m moving. To Richmond, VA. Just as soon as I find a place I like there in my price range. Why? I have reasons. I did a pro/con list. I decided that it was advantageous. How exactly did I come to the idea that moving 6 to Richmond was advantageous, you may be wondering. Or …Continue reading »

Travel Hell

Can you say worst couple days ever, because I sure can. I have never had my travel plans go quite as awry as this trip to Toronto. Honestly, I’m so fucking stressed about the whole thing that I’m about to have a complete breakdown.

iPhone Saga

Today, I had to replace my iPhone 5S for the second time. The first time, back in December, I completely blame Apple for, but this time around, I’m pretty sure it was my fault, although I did manage to still get it replaced for free. Go me. How, you may wonder? I’m glad you asked.