Saturday, August 16, 2014

Annie, Are you Ok?

Last night, I went with a few friends to see Alien Ant Farm perform at the Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta. I was never a fan, knowing only their cover of Smooth Criminal, but this was my last opportunity to hang out with my friend Deborah before I move to Richmond in just over a week.

I still can't believe I'm doing that, but I digess.

Opening for Alien Ant Farm was a band called Kaleido. Pretty much just a straight up rock band, but the lead singer kinda reminded me of Wendy O Williams, as pointed out to me by my friend Misty as we were conversing via FaceBook Messenger while I was at the show.

You be the judge…

Here is a brief clip of them playing, but nothing special, because I didn't go to take pictures and record video, I went to hang out with friends and listen to music.

My overall thought was, they didn't make me want to go outside and smoke, so I would call that a thumbs up, wouldn't you?

Break in between bands, so we all go outside to smoke. Bekah, who is Deborah's sister, makes mention of having hair glue in her car, and me, being the ass that I am, ask her to give me a faux hawk, because everyone needs a faux hawk in public at some point in their life. Unfortunately, the hair glue was not to be found, but a bunny ear hat was.

I wore the hat.
Bunny ears!
Deborah wore the hat

Looked better on her

Dryden Mitchell wore the hat.

I wore the hat again.

Me, hat, been drinking
Bekah and Mallory also wore the hat, but I didn't get any pictures, unfortunately. Mainly because, like I said, I wasn't there to take pictures, I didn't want to be like the people I saw who basically viewed the whole show through the screen on their phone. So silly.

During the evening, there was a couple dancing next to me, grinding, really, constantly rubbing up against Mallory, being generally annoying. Who does that at a rock show? The guy grabbed my ass twice. The first time I figured it was just an accident, the second time I looked at him, he gave me a rather coy smile, and I just shook my head at him. Not my bag, after all, but no need to be an asshole.

Alien Ant Farm played for about an hour and a half, going through a bunch of songs that I don't know. They put on a pretty good show, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and they played that one song I know at the very end. Good times.

Of course, no night is ever complete in Marietta without finishing up at the Harmar, so we finished our night there and I met a Russian man who came to the states to go to Ohio University. Seems odd to me, but he said that the education he got there cost him way less than it would have in Russia. Cool accent, though.

All in all, I would say that, for my last time going out in Marietta before moving, I had a great time, and I can't think of many other people I would have rather spent it with.

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