Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Big Move: Chapter 1

In which our hero has a place to live in RVA and begins to get more nervous about the entire idea of moving…

I think that pretty much sums everything up. Friday, I heard back from the place, application was approved, not that I didn’t think it wasn’t going to happen, I’m just aggravated it took 2 damn weeks to actually get it done. So, what does that mean? I guess it means I’m moving. Away. To a new city. Scary. Super scary.

I’ve already scheduled all of the utilities to go into my name on move in date. I’ve scheduled internet installion on the same date. No cable tv. I’m not really home enough to care about TV, and I really don’t watch it when I am, and if I do I have Hulu+, so I’m good to go, really, so now I’m waiting for them to email me the bloody lease so I can sign it and send it back. The young lady said she would email it to me yesterday afternoon, but that never happened, and I spent the whole day outside helping my neice, her boyfriend, and my mother get the boat dock from the other side of the river and bring it back over to the same side as the house.

That was fun. Ever try paddling a boat dock across a river? Don’t do it. Luckily, a passing boater was nice enough to drive us the last half across the river, and the river isn’t even that wide. Fuck, that was not fun.

But I digress. So, like I said, scary, right? I’ve lived the past 33 years right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley. I feel like I’ve mention this before? I don’t know, maybe. And I’m moving 400 miles away to an entirely new city. Luckily, I know people there, but it’s still kind of a big deal, you know? And, I have exactly 2 weeks to get packed. 2 weeks when I will be on the road. This week in Eastern Pennsylvania, next week in Chicago. And then I get a week of vacation to move, and then I fly to Chicago again on Labor Day. Seriously, it almost makes me wonder why I’m even getting my own place to begin with?

See, this is one of the reasons why, after getting a well paying job, I never bothered to actually go and get my own place. If I’m on the road for 50+% of the month, what was the point of wasting the money on a place of my own, know what I’m saying? But, this is going to be good for me. And I don’t need to be scared, because it’s going to be awesome.

Adventure awaits!

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