Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Big Move: Chapter 2

In which our hero signs a lease and reflects on living alone…

That was Monday. This is the first lease I've signed for a place in damn near 15 years. The ex and I signed a lease on our first apartment when I was 21 on New Year's Day; that was when I moved out of mom's house. Two years later, we bought a house, five years after then we bought a second house, and a mere 3 or so months after that I moved back to mom's house because that's when we split. I've lived there for about five and a half years now.  So, this lease is actually the first time I've ever gotten a place all my own. 

Honestly, I'm still finding it hard to believe I'm actually doing this. 

But, I've been thinking about the whole living on my own thing. I spend a lot of time on the road for work. This is one reason why, since going to work for LogiMax last year, I never bothered to actually get a place of my own, even though I could afford it, because why spend the extra money when I was only there on weekends? 

What I'm getting at, with regards to living alone, is that, don't I essentially do that right now? I sleep in hotel beds far more often than I do my own. I eat at restaurants by myself, because I'm always traveling alone. Then I come home on the weekends and either do something with whomever I can or have my kids. 

While I won't be having the kids, everything else is essentially going to be exactly the same, albeit in a different city with different friends. Sort of. I mean, I have spent most of my weekends this summer when I didn't have the boys in RVA. 

Living alone. One less thing to be worried about. 

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