Wednesday, August 12, 2020

When All You See Are Gridded Maps, Everything Looks Like A Battle

I don't remember where I read this exactly, but I know that, when it comes to playing tabletop RPGs, any time the battlemap comes out, it can only mean one thing. When playing around a table with a group, this isn't necessarily such a big problem, since it makes it easier to role play, you can captivate your audience, capture their attention, and don't need to worry about having something to throw in front of their faces to keep the players paying attention. However, playing using a virtual tabletop, especially when no one has a camera, it makes it a bit harder to do, so having visual props is helpful.

However, it isn't always necessarily the best, depending on the prop.

There might be spoilers ahead for Lost Laboratory of Kwalish, so you have been warned.